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Samuel Vijaykumar

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If you want to learn the different photographic manipulation techniques that were used before the first digital camera, and you happened to pass by the island of Manhattan, you might like to enter the MET (Metropolitan Museum of New York) and have a look at their new exhibition "Before Photoshop Manipulated Photography". One of the eternal debates of digital photography is often the limits referred to in the treatment of the image editing software. But before there was any version of Photoshop, and techniques were used that allowed manipulate the images taken by the camera. These techniques went into decline with the advent of digital photography and Photoshop. Although there was a period of adaptation in which many photographers digested new developments and perhaps used the program to create the occasional aberration. But the technique and tools were slowly improv... (more)

When photography merges with illustration

The art world has always been a world in which many of its disciplines have been joined or have come to overlap. Without going any further, there are many artists who have made their first steps into the world of photography, or vice versa, as well as many other artists. Not long ago, we showed the project "Pencil vs Camera" by Ben Heine, in which a photograph superimposed on a piece of drawing made on a sheet of paper to the bottom of it. Here, the concept is similar but with some change, and illustration is that occurs after being on the photograph, which could classify as a "p... (more)

Hybridfox: Elasticfox 1.6.x on Viagra

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - Now we have a Eucalyptus’ Private Cloud installed and running on our premise, and it remained kinda of an artifact in our data-center for sometime. So I thought why has not someone written anything about how make to make Elasticfox work with Eucalyptus. But there were quite a few pointers to what version will be ideally suited to use for Eucalyptus, like this one, thanks Ajmf. I took the cue from there, I enabled debugging on elasticfox, and used firebug to dig deeper. And I came up with Hybridfox, yeah, and it works. What ... (more)

Elastic IP: A Learning on Hybridfox

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - I know, I should not writing a blog post on a Friday. Forgive me people. I have blogged for about ten days now and it out guilt I do this. There was one pretty good learning, after I had installed installed Hybridfox. This is the one about allocation and association of ip addresses. And it kind of took by surprise. The other day I had got the XPI File for hydbridfox ready and passed around to some testers to play around with it. Basically, monkey test it. And I gave them a much smaller Eucalyptus Private Cloud setup, which h... (more)

Cloud Central: Australian for Cloud

Cloud Central is a Public Cloud offering from Down Under. With public beta program to try out, its worth getting your hands wet with some realtime cloud exposure. And all the feedback from the users will help in building another successful cloud service. True to the Australian gutsy spirit; Cloud Central has made a bold move to jump in and publish their offering to the public, with a beta program. Cloud Central already promises quite a bit in the Compute arena of the Cloud, though they have a long way to go, knowing very well that they have a niche down under. Pricing I hope t... (more)