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Summary: Antonio López Muñoz – Spanish writer and politician goodbye Let's start this week with some bridge with some fun photos of some of the most famous mustaches. Yes, mustaches. Let's take the thing with humor because tomorrow is a holiday and I will have deserved rest, sure. Too bad they do not include one of our most famous mustaches, the Dali, or at least I have not found in the original gallery. Jas. And J. Bowron A. Farrell [between 1910-1915] This collection of photographs of old mustaches (or as they call it vintage) shows various celebrities with their regal poses in almost all cases showing print mustaches. To say that the entire collection is in the Flickr gallery of the Library of U.S. Congress. UU. General von Hindenburg is true, I'd like to see initiatives like this in our country more often (no, mustache, not get me wrong) but closer to the cult... (more)

'Get spectacular photos', FotoRuta collection, a book that no-nonsense

This book gave me a couple of months ago my friend Diego and I must say it was a great idea that I appreciate. It is one of those books simple, inexpensive and with lots of pictures to have on hand always in those moments where inspiration low. 'Get spectacular photos', FotoRuta collection also includes the participation of several renowned photographers of our country as Javier Sanchez, Tino Soriano, Jorge Sierra, Rosa I. Vázquez, José A. Fernandez and David James. If you need to see pictures and more pictures, this is one of your favorite books. It will bring many major categ... (more)

"Portrait": a documentary showing the true meaning of being a photographer, with Instagram or not.

At a time when mobile photography tries to become increasingly hollow in the photography scene is no more true that the double standard is also the order of the day as to whether it is beneficial or not, due to the large number of people can access it. "Portrait" is a documentary made by videographer Andy Newman, who tries to see the point of true union between professional photographers and always new photographer that has been introduced in the new world of photography, which many call "Instagramer "or mobile photographer. Most of the time we worry too much in discussing whethe... (more)

Hybridfox: Elasticfox 1.6.x on Viagra

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - Now we have a Eucalyptus’ Private Cloud installed and running on our premise, and it remained kinda of an artifact in our data-center for sometime. So I thought why has not someone written anything about how make to make Elasticfox work with Eucalyptus. But there were quite a few pointers to what version will be ideally suited to use for Eucalyptus, like this one, thanks Ajmf. I took the cue from there, I enabled debugging on elasticfox, and used firebug to dig deeper. And I came up with Hybridfox, yeah, and it works. What ... (more)

Elastic IP: A Learning on Hybridfox

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - I know, I should not writing a blog post on a Friday. Forgive me people. I have blogged for about ten days now and it out guilt I do this. There was one pretty good learning, after I had installed installed Hybridfox. This is the one about allocation and association of ip addresses. And it kind of took by surprise. The other day I had got the XPI File for hydbridfox ready and passed around to some testers to play around with it. Basically, monkey test it. And I gave them a much smaller Eucalyptus Private Cloud setup, which h... (more)