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Samuel Vijaykumar

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Cloud Central is a Public Cloud offering from Down Under. With public beta program to try out, its worth getting your hands wet with some realtime cloud exposure. And all the feedback from the users will help in building another successful cloud service. True to the Australian gutsy spirit; Cloud Central has made a bold move to jump in and publish their offering to the public, with a beta program. Cloud Central already promises quite a bit in the Compute arena of the Cloud, though they have a long way to go, knowing very well that they have a niche down under. Pricing I hope they have thought through this quite carefully. 3¢/hr- 256M, 16GB, and 1CPU! And have called it "nano". This is a very competitive pricing model, considering that big daddy's of the cloud are watching, and working on better offering. But this is definitely competitive pricing, if anyone has to ... (more)

Hybridfox: Elasticfox 1.6.x on Viagra

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - Now we have a Eucalyptus’ Private Cloud installed and running on our premise, and it remained kinda of an artifact in our data-center for sometime. So I thought why has not someone written anything about how make to make Elasticfox work with Eucalyptus. But there were quite a few pointers to what version will be ideally suited to use for Eucalyptus, like this one, thanks Ajmf. I took the cue from there, I enabled debugging on elasticfox, and used firebug to dig deeper. And I came up with Hybridfox, yeah, and it works. What ... (more)

Elastic IP: A Learning on Hybridfox

Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - I know, I should not writing a blog post on a Friday. Forgive me people. I have blogged for about ten days now and it out guilt I do this. There was one pretty good learning, after I had installed installed Hybridfox. This is the one about allocation and association of ip addresses. And it kind of took by surprise. The other day I had got the XPI File for hydbridfox ready and passed around to some testers to play around with it. Basically, monkey test it. And I gave them a much smaller Eucalyptus Private Cloud setup, which h... (more)

Happy New Year!

Its been quite a wonderful year for me. My first strides into the cloud arena have been quite eventful and definitely fun. The next decade is going to be a decade of web services ruling the computing world, with the cloud at the forefront. I hope all is well with our planet, Cloud Computing will [...] ... (more)

According to Dick Costolo, users can download all of your tweets later this year, but …

Last September the CEO of Twitter had announced they were developing a feature that would allow end users to download all their tweets. As reported by Techcrunch, in a talk on the role of Twitter in the future of global communications and democratized access to information, which was developed at the Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan, Costolo was asked about this topic to which he replied that by year's end users can download all of their tweets. But perhaps not so well, as well as the above said engineers are working on this, every time he speaks publicly about ... (more)