Leveraging Cloud's Benefits To The Business Needs

Samuel Vijaykumar

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Eucalyptus Session at Cloud Expo Cloud Computing Expo - Now we have a Eucalyptus’ Private Cloud installed and running on our premise, and it remained kinda of an artifact in our data-center for sometime. So I thought why has not someone written anything about how make to make Elasticfox work with Eucalyptus. But there were quite a few pointers to what version will be ideally suited to use for Eucalyptus, like this one, thanks Ajmf. I took the cue from there, I enabled debugging on elasticfox, and used firebug to dig deeper. And I came up with Hybridfox, yeah, and it works. What is Hybridfox? Hybridfox is an attempt to get the best of both world of popular Cloud Computing environments, Amazon EC2 (public) and Eucalytpus (private). The idea is to use one hybridfox tool, which itself is a modified or extended elasticfox, to switch seamless between your Amazon account and... (more)

Voldemort- Installation to First Run

What is Voldemort? Voldemort is a distributed key-value storage system Data is automatically replicated over multiple servers. Data is automatically partitioned so each server contains only a subset of the total data Server failure is handled transparently Pluggable serialization is supported to allow rich keys and values including lists and tuples with named fields, as well as to integrate with [...] ... (more)

Cloud Central: Australian for Cloud

Cloud Central is a Public Cloud offering from Down Under. With public beta program to try out, its worth getting your hands wet with some realtime cloud exposure. And all the feedback from the users will help in building another successful cloud service. True to the Australian gutsy spirit; Cloud Central has made a bold move to jump in and publish their offering to the public, with a beta program. Cloud Central already promises quite a bit in the Compute arena of the Cloud, though they have a long way to go, knowing very well that they have a niche down under. Pricing I hope t... (more)

Building an Ubuntu EMI: Ground Up

Image via Wikipedia When I started of I thought this going to be a breeze!. But things don’t come easy in this Cloud world. The information is rather scattered; and scratching one itch seems to lead to many scratches of many a itch. But when you have got to the solution, I hope many have already, its [...] ... (more)

More geek than that, impossible! Star Wars A New Hope in ASCII via Telnet

Perhaps some "new" geeks do not understand and think that we are saying that 20 years ago or more, was much more exciting to work with personal computers. Those who think like we had the experience of not having everything available with one click. We had the experience of exploring, testing, programming and hacking, in the best sense of the word, to learn what lay beyond, through an Internet girl, who was just beginning. I do not complain of the times, on the contrary, the convenience of having all the information at a click, to me is priceless. But sometimes I miss those times s ... (more)